Finding a Great Car

Finding A Great Car

What Is Brake Rotor Resurfacing?

by Elaine Kelly

Your brakes stop your car when you are driving. Each time you use your brakes, you wear them down just a little bit. That will keep happening every time you hit the brakes. Eventually, you will need to take your car in so your brakes can get worked on. When you take your vehicle to the shop to get worked on, they may recommend replacing your brakes, but they may also recommend getting your brake rotors resurfaced. 


Your car has four brake rotors, one for each wheel. When you hit the brakes, the brake pads are squished together to pinch the brake rotor. That will slow the rotors down, slowing and stopping your car. Rotors come in four different styles. The styles of rotors all have the same basic base, but it's what is on the rotor that's different. The most basic style is the smooth and blank rotor, which is most likely to be found in your car. There are also slotted rotors, which have a series of slots cut into the rotor; drilled rotors, which have a series of holes drilled out around the edge of the rotor; and drilled and slotted, which are a combination of the last two. The slotting and drilling are designed to help with overheating and performance. 


When your brake rotors are resurfaced, that means that the mechanics have pulled out your rotors and checked them out. They want to see if the surface is pitted, warped, or damaged. If the mechanics see those things on your rotors, they can remove them and grind the surface down. Doing that will get rid of the warping, damage, or pitting. If there is any kind of coating that goes on your brake rotor, that can be applied at that time as well. Then the rotors are put back on your car. Resurfacing can only happen if your rotors are above a certain thickness since you will lose some thickness when the surface is ground down. The rotor will still have to meet a minimum thickness when the resurfacing procedure is finished or your brakes won't work right and can cause damage. 

When your brakes start to wear out, you need to talk to the mechanics to see if you need to replace the rotors or if you can get them resurfaced. Resurfacing can save you money and let you get a little extra time and use out of your brakes. 

For more information about slotted rotor resurfacing, contact a local auto shop.


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