Finding a Great Car

Finding A Great Car

Packing Up Your Uhaul Truck Rental For Maximum Efficiency

by Elaine Kelly

Your U-Haul truck rental can make it possible to move across town, hundreds of miles, or even across the country. Once you decide what size rental truck you need to fit your belongings, packing up your U-Haul is going to take some work. No matter how far you are hauling your stuff, there are strategies to use as you fill up your U-Haul and prepare to drive your things to the next destination. Heavier items should always go near the front of the truck. If you have a small attic area above the passenger compartment, you can't fill this with heavy items. Pay attention to box stacking, and use plenty of padded blankets when you have breakable items.

Stacking Your Boxes

Pay attention to how your boxes are stacked as your U-Haul is packed up. If you aren't sure how much room you are going to need, talk to your U-Haul truck rental service about the number of rooms you are trying to pack up and move. As you stack boxes, make sure that heavier boxes are always on the bottom. You don't want to stack boxes precariously so that they are going to fall during transit. Keep boxes of the same size stacked together, and try to use a uniform size of boxes throughout your packing.

Pad Your Breakable Items

As you bring the heavier items you are packing to the front end of your U-Haul truck rental, consider the items that are breakable. Big mirrors, glass doors to your furniture, or large televisions will all need to be padded carefully in order to avoid breakage during transit. Use plenty of padded blankets as you pack your items, and avoid packing things too tightly together. If necessary, use restraint straps to keep certain items from moving at all. 

Stay Organized in the Move

If you are moving a long distance with your U-Haul truck rental, know where you are putting your most needed items. Things that you might need on your trip should be packed close to the door, while anything that can wait can go deep in the U-Haul . Keep yourself organized by labeling your boxes carefully, and taking the time you need to pack up your belongings right.

When you use a U-Haul truck rental to move, you can pack up your truck to protect your belongings. Don't pack things too tightly, and talk to your rental service to determine what size truck you need for the move.


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