Finding a Great Car

Finding A Great Car

Features That Are Synonymous And Simultaneously Unique To Mack Trucks

by Elaine Kelly

Certain work truck manufacturers have led with their trademark truck designs for designs. Many of these truck brands, like the Mack trucks, have features that are simultaneously synonymous and unique to their brand. Here are some of the features that fit that profile of these particular trucks. 

Flat, High Fronts With Flat Grills

Some truck manufacturers round the fronts of their trucks, but this manufacturer has always made the fronts of their trucks flat and boxy. The higher profile of the front of the truck is a uniting feature as well. The very flat grills that are almost embedded into the front of the truck rather than standing out from it serve a purpose; less of everything gets trapped in the grill as the truck rolls down the highway. 

Higher Riding Cab and Engine

It is much easier for a mechanic to get under one of these trucks when they do not have to figure out how to elevate the truck off the ground. The higher riding cab and engine allows a mechanic to slide right under the truck to check out anything that might be giving the driver trouble. On the road, if the driver needs to look underneath the truck, they can safely slide under and take a peek. 

Simple, Basic Light Systems

Unlike some trucks, these trucks do not come blasting out of the darkness on a long stretch of highway with dozens of lights blinding other drivers on the road. On the contrary, these trucks have simple, basic, rectangular front headlights with LED and halogen options for the brightest light possible without needing any extra lights on the cab. The headlights are fairly common for most cars and trucks on the road, making it even easier for a driver to change a headlight if they have to while working. 

Super Heavy Duty Truck Drives Like a Lightweight

One problem with a lot of heavy duty trucks is that they are difficult to turn around tight corners. Lighter trucks manage it well, but lighter trucks cannot pull the huge loads that the heavier trucks can. Buying a super heavy duty truck that drives like a lightweight truck is the dream of a lot of commercial truck drivers. They can get that from only certain trucks and certain brands and models of trucks.

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